New Year Sadness

The new year has not started in a way that I would hope. Margaret Anderson, a LE Ranger for Mount Rainier National Park was fatally shot this morning by a crazed gunman. As a volunteer in the park the past few years , I got to know Margaret through the training we receive. She was quiet but always had a smile ready with helpful advice. It is a tragedy when events like this happen to those you know. Her husband Eric, also a ranger at the park must now go on with their two young daughters.

My prayers go out to Eric and the family.

Margaret, I will miss seeing you at the park.

UPDATE: It appears that they spotted the killer and he is dead.

Margaret was a wonderful LE at the park. She was a person who would always give you a smile, helpful advice and encouragement. She and Eric were doing what they loved. I’ve had a hard time gathering my thoughts around this whole event. I will miss seeing her at the park when I volunteer.

But the real hard thing for me to come to grips with is that Eric was on duty and could have had radio contact during the tragedy. I hurt for him and those two little girls who will not be able to spend any more time at that glorious place with their mother. They will always see the mountain and know they are missing the one they loved.


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