Reclaiming Mount Rainier

A week after the tragedy at Mount Rainier National Park, the park re-opened to the public. I have the utmost respect and admiration for the rangers and staff at the park. They display a passion for the place. The weekend of the opening Tahoma displayed her glory. With a chance to go and volunteer to help the rangers, I headed up to Paradise. [Note: This is the day after my oldest son was married. No wonder it was such a  great weekend]

After a briefing, we headed up to help the visitors reclaim the place. From the parking lot she welcomed us.

Mount Rainier from the Paradise visitor center

My task for the day was to head toward Panorama Point and photograph potential avalanche zones to make sure the trails and those using them were not in danger. Donning snowshoes I headed out. The hike at Paradise immediately starts climbing. There is not a warm up phase. You just start climbing and with each step you head higher and higher on the shoulder of the mountain. But after one day the trails are like super highways.

The trail to Glacier Vista and Panorama Point

Panorama Point Trail is in the left center. You can see some already on the way up.

It was a glorious day to enjoy the sun, the snow, and the views.

Heading up toward Glacier Vista

Looking behind were views of Mount St. Helens.

Looking back to at the Alta Vista trail

In front was the mountain.

Heading to Glacier Vista

The mountain was there to greet you; welcoming you to enjoy the splendor of Mount Rainier.

Mount Rainier and the Nisqually Glacier

The time was near to reclaim the mountain as the fresh snow covers the ground.

Carpets of snow at Mount Rainier

I pray for healing and peace to those at Mount Rainier National Park.


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