Another Rich Sunrise

The past few days have been times of great joy with the wedding of my oldest child and great sorrow with the memorial to a lovely National Park Service ranger. Through those two extremes of human emotion one experiences life. When Noah exited the ark, the rainbow was a promise for the future. For me there are many more promises that the Creator gives us such as the painting of the dawn or the setting of the sun. We have experienced those signs the past few days. Usually January is gray and wet with mornings that only amphibians could love. It is why we will always have evergreens. They love it and soak up the soggy ground, as do my shoes. But so far this year we are blessed by morning’s welcome with vibrant rich sunrises. Having views of Mount Rainier a short walk near my home just adds to the display.

Another Artistic Dawn

By adding some filters I can cool down or warm up the display.

A Cooler Version of the Sunrise

Brisk mornings under freezing temperatures with a marine layer over the western sky but clear on the eastern horizon portents the coming work of the Creator’s artistry.

A view for Bonney Lake

Get my cup of espresso, an omelet or oatmeal and the day can not go wrong.  Having a camera helps to capture those moments.


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