Another Snowbird Day

I thought there might be a nice sunrise based on the cold clear sky over night. Up before dawn, I headed out in hope for a nice sunrise, but the clouds were too low and the snow was coming down. So Plan B. I re-filled the strategically placed bird feeders and set up for another round of photographing the visitors. Again the birds would come in waves, even the winter hold over hummingbird was flitting about. Oh well, yesterday’s visiting cedar waxwing never reappeared. Hopefully I will get him out of the frozen lake reeds and visiting my little forest area. Instead it was the usual cast of characters.

Steller's Jay

Male Dark-eyed Junco

Male Dark-Eyed Junco

Male Varied Thrush

It was peaceful sitting under the tree. For a few minutes only the sounds of the breeze rustling through the branches and the chirps of birds could be heard. Snow would fall at first slowly with large snowflakes floating down like feathers. Then would come the calm before another half-inch would dump in a few minutes.


2 responses to “Another Snowbird Day

  1. I’ve been at my desk watching a few cardinals in the tree directly outside the window and it made me think of your bird photographs, so I had to get a second look. They are incredibly beautiful. My birds are already on to me spying on them, so I don’t think I could ever sneak a photograph.

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