The tree was gone…

The morning had promise.

We had endured the changing Pacific Northwest weather go-round. First the snow, then the ice and finally the winds. Today was a day of reprieve with sun and fair weather.  So I made it to my new picture spot and awaited the sunrise. I waited and waited and took some pictures as the light grew. I played with some of my filters and decided on the Skylight and Color Enhancer since the light was flat and the clouds were dissipating.

Standing Alone

I usually make my decision on filters based on the light north of the rising sun. I do not why, it is just my habit.  I then turned to the mountain and took a shot.

The coming sunrise...

I was not happy with the result. Something was missing. It then struck me. The tree that I used to anchor the lower left base on many of my recent Mount Rainier shots was gone – a causality of the recent ice and wind. I liked that tree in that scene as it added depth to my shots. But now it was gone. Within minutes so were the clouds and the developing color. The dawn brought a fair day that everyone was looking forward to but as far as photographic sunrises it ranked as rather bland.

Here is a recent shot of the tree from the week before. I think it adds so much more to the picture.

A view for Bonney Lake


3 responses to “The tree was gone…

    • Thank you for the comment. You are right. I know many would look and see the mountain and say that is enough. But when a photographer looks they see something more, something that just completes the composition.

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