Solar Pillars and Lenticularis…

I started playing around with the new Adobe Lightroom 4 beta.  I looked back to some photos I had not processed in Lightroom 3 yet. Here are two from January 2011 from near my home in Bonney Lake. I took them along a road I sometimes take on the way to the office. It is hard to not stop and pull out the tripod and camera and see what dawn will present us. In this particular set of shots I had captured both a solar pillar and lenticular clouds above Mount Rainier.

Solar pillars are not rare in the Pacific Northwest due to the mountains. They form as the sun’s light reflects against ice crystals in the sky before the sun breaks the horizon (sunrise) or just after it falls below the horizon (sunset). I unusually under expose these shots to make the pillar stand out.

Solar Pillar looking east toward Bandera Mountain

Lenticular clouds form from the uplift or winds as they flow over mountains and condense to moisture or “wave clouds.”

Lenticular Clouds above Mount Rainier

To get both types of phenomena in the same sunrise is a sign that I’m late to the office.


4 responses to “Solar Pillars and Lenticularis…

  1. Marvellous photos. I also started to use the Lightroom 4 beta two weeks ago. It’s a great tool, I really like its features. I did not use the Lightroom 3. Are you satisfied with this Lr4b?

    • So far I’m happy with vr 4. It’s nice to do some adjustments to video and the improvements to recover highlights without impacting overall color is nice. Also having the ability to use Google maps to associate GPS location is also a nice addition.

      I just started playing with the book functionality. So hope to send off a project in the next week.

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