View from the Lookout, Part Two

View from Suntop Lookout

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the first time my youngest daughter spent a night at a fire lookout. With fall, approaching it was time for the second time. I was nervous that it would be in the clouds again as the morning was heavy overcast. We left to check in at the ranger station and pick up a replacement radio and keys. During the 30 minute drive to the lookout gate we never saw a glimpse of blue sky. It was not until we made the last turn up the forest road that the sky opened up and we arrived above the clouds.

Above the clouds

We soaked up the sun and prepared for a night of star-gazing.

Mount Rainier

Suntop Lookout

A few visitors came by to soak up the sun also.

Ground Squirrel

The sun set to the west in a blaze of light.

Suntop Sunset

To the northwest the creator painted the sky in a way that reminded us of Jupiter. The streams in the sky was from a fire caught in the jet stream.

Jupiter's Sunset

A few moments later the moon rose as an orange ornament welcoming the night to come.


With the fading light it was time to bunk down and await the many points of light and the full moon.

Fading Light

The morning came with us still above the clouds. The tops of hills creating islands among the buffeting billows of clouds.

Mount Stuart and the Enchantments

Island in the Clouds

Mount Rainier rose above the sea of clouds.

Morning comes to Mount Rainier

It was a beautiful time, We look forward to other adventures above the clouds.


22 responses to “View from the Lookout, Part Two

  1. I’m gasping for air at these shots. Living in Maine, I’m lucky if Rainier pokes out of the cloud for more than a few hours on a week-long visit with my in-laws just outside of Seattle. I can’t iMAgine having this view. Brilliant post.

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