Seminar Falls

No, I have not located a new Pacific Northwest waterfall. Rather, the title refers to the added benefits of working for a company in this area. Sometimes you have to attend seminars or conferences. If everything works correctly (or I get up before morning and get home after nightfall), I get to take side trips with camera equipment in tow. Oh, and a second set of clothes always helps. Recently on a trip to Portland for a risk management seminar I arrived early at the Columbia Gorge.  With only one car in sight I had the opportunity to take some pictures without the usual crowds milling about.

Multnomah Falls

I have been here often, but the opportunity to take the Multnomah version of the Narnia lamp-post shots never materialized. This morning though was different. Ten minutes alone with the lamp and falls waiting for  Mr. Tumnus or Beaver to appear. Well, it was raining, so I expected Mr. Beaver at least.

Multnomah Falls

After the seminar, it is off to another waterfall. This time to the Middle Lewis River Falls southwest of Mount Adams.

Lower Lewis River Falls

Lower Lewis River Falls

Waterfalls as bookends to seminars on risk management and information security are in my opinion an excellent opportunity to contemplate the learning from the day. Don’t you agree?


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