Hummingbird Photography Setup

I was asked to share how I get the hummingbirds to sit on branches to photograph them.

Coming in for a landing

I learned the trick from reading Moose Peterson’s Captured. He set up feeders and branches on his deck and can take pictures of the birds that visit in more “natural” settings. I took this idea and set up some landing zones to photograph birds. I set up two locations on my back deck with planters. Both have small feeders as well as branches that are inserted in the planters.

Landing Zone #1

Landing Zone #2

Behind the second zone you can see another spot I set up in my yard. I planted seedlings a few years ago for providing safe zones for birds. Understanding that birds like to come from above, I place branches higher than the feeders. I lower the backyard feeder and the birds land on the branches to check out the area before entering the feeder. It also helps to have three towering cedars, a green belt and lake behind the house. Birds like the sense of safety provided by the trees.

Black-Capped Chickadee

Bright Male Anna's Hummingbird

Junco checking out the seeds

Give it a try. Set up some branches around your feeders and take your pictures when the birds land on the branches rather than the feeders.


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