Early Morning Reflections in Black & White

A black & white version of this morning’s early morning reflections photo.

Waterfowl Lake with view of Mount Chephren, Epaulette Mountain and Kaufman Peaks


Canadian Rockies Reflections

In my previous post I described the drive north from the Columbia Icefields in Jasper National Park. There the road meanders along the Sunwapta and  Athabasca rivers into Jasper. If you head south from the Columbia Icefields the road follows the Saskatchewan, Mistaya and Bow rivers into Lake Louise area. There are many opportunities to capture the reflections of the mountains in the lakes that form from these rivers. Herbert, Hector, Bow, Peyto, Mistaya, Chephren and Waterfowl lakes are a series of photographic opportunities.

Spring Thaw at Waterfowl Lake

Early Morning Reflections

Dawn at Waterfowl Lake