Kinney Lake

To the west of Jasper National Park sits the highest point in the Canadian Rockies — Mount Robson (3,954 m /12,972 ft).

Mount Robson and the Robson River

On my recent short visit I hiked to Kinney Lake along the Berg Lake Trail. The trail follows the Robson River that flows out of Berg Lake.  The lakes are feed by the melt waters of the Robson, Berg, Hargreaves and Mist glaciers. The trail is a short hike that provides you with pleasant views of the mountain and river.

Mount Robson along the Berg Lake Trail

Soon you get your first view of Kinney Lake.

Kinney Lake view from the Bridge Crossing

The panoramic vistas of the mountains and lake are beautiful and invite you to sit and soak them in.

Kinney Lake


3 responses to “Kinney Lake

  1. Nice! I was in Jasper over 10 years ago for only a day and a half (on the way to Alaska), and I have wanted to go back ever since – your photos are inspiring me to plan a trip!

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