A little about JD

I have a passion for landscapes and nature. Photography is a method to capture that passion from my travels. Living in the pacific northwest provides many opportunities to explore, both places where sea meets land as well as where land meets the clouds.

Take a walk out my front door and the majesty of Mount Rainier confronts the visitor. Within an hour are multiple waterfalls, lakes and mountain passes. Within two hours I can experience the waves of the Pacific, the wide Columbia River, tulips in the Skagit valley, the peaks of the North Cascades, orchards of apples or vast rolling farmland.

Lunch time at the office is a time to step away from securing information systems or analyzing trends in data to walk paths to new destinations…

whether winter…



or autumn.


If you have not guessed it yet. I work at Weyerhaeuser where I am senior audit manager.


11 responses to “A little about JD

  1. JD, I have really missed your photos and posts over the past month and a half. Hopefully things are well, and you’re just too busy to blog. Am looking forward to your return.

    • Thanks Ken for the kind note. It has been busy lately and I have not had the time to get out and about for photography. That is, with the exception of pictures of my family.

      I’ve enjoyed following your work. Perhaps sometime we can get together for a photo trip.

      • That would be a lot of fun, but I’m afraid I’d reduce your productivity – I’m nowhere near your level yet! Good to hear from you, and congrats on the new grand-daughter!

  2. Oh my! What gorgeous photography. I heard of a great spot by Leavenworth that is great for Autumn Landscapes. I think it is called Haskins Creek. A artist in town paints it. He said it is the best spot to shoot Autumn leaves. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. Your workplace looks amazing. I’m not going to put pictures up of mine. Ick. I just visited the Olympic Peninsula last fall and thought it was stunning. Lucky to live there

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