Aunt Sweatheart

Yesterday was a glorious day. Up early we headed out for the six-hour drive to see our grandson. After five weeks of only talking on the phone, I was anxious to see him. Just as we were hitting the first of the three passes we would have to cross the sky turned red announcing dawn. The Creator was again painting nature in its finest colors.

Sunrise from Snoqualmie Pass

We enjoyed a beautiful drive over two more passes. The sunlight made the snow sparkled. Even weeds along the side of the road wore a special winter coat of jewels. Soon we arrived at my daughter’s home along the lake. The lake showed the activity of play and fishing that reminded me of the trails of ants.

Frozen Lake

Soon we were enjoying fun with my grandson as my youngest daughter took him sledding.

Sledding with Auntie

Sledding with Auntie

It is a blessing to see how my grandson enjoys spending time with my youngest daughter. A special aunt to her nephew. As we drove up in front of the house we heard from the front door excited calls for auntie.  She truly is a sweetheart.