Unicorn Creek and Martha Falls

Unicorn Creek and Martha Falls are located east of Paradise and Reflection Lake in Mount Rainier National Park. It is easily viewed from across Stevens Canyon on SR 706.

Lower section of Martha Falls

It descends from Snow Lake into Stevens Creek. According to Bryan Swan’s excellent website (Northwest Waterfall Survey), the entire drop from Snow Lake is approximately 665 feet.

Unicorn Creek Descends from Snow Lake

It descends in a series of cascading falls.

Unicorn Creek Middle Section

The Falls are an excellent opportunity for photography.

Martha Falls at Sunset


Snoqualmie Waterfalls

Along Interstate 90 in Washington state are many hidden waterfalls. At least 10 waterfalls are within 5 miles of the Snoqualmie Pass area: Alpental Falls, Cave Ridge Falls, Denny Camp Falls, Denny Lake Falls, Dipper Falls, Fall Into the Wall Falls, Franklin Falls, Keekwulee Falls, Lodge Creek Falls, Melakwa Falls, and Snowshoe Falls. It is no wonder that many day hikers explore the area. You can discover where to find these falls by checking out Bryan Swan’s excellent waterfall web site: Northwest Waterfall Survey. Bryan’s site is a treasure trove of pictures, maps, and information on the waterfalls in the Pacific Northwest. Check it out. Maybe you’ll share in the wonder of these beautiful places in creation.

Lower Franklin Falls, Snoqualmie Pass Area