Emmons Glacier Moraine Trail

Living close to Mount Rainier provides for many opportunities to enjoy the beauty of creation. Recently I took a quick hike up the Glacier Basin Trail along the White River. The White River is formed from the melt of the Emmons glacier. The trail take one along the Inter Fork of the river to a base camp many climbers start from to climb to Camp Shurman and the Columbia Crest climbing route. There is a short trail one can take so that you can get up close and personal with the original of the White River.

Mount Rainier and Little Tahoma from the Emmons Moraine Trail

In autumn, the east side is usually less populated as the park closes the Sunrise Visitor Center shortly after Labor Day weekend. With morning gray clouds from the marine layer hovering over the Puget Sound, many people tend to give up hope of clear hiking. For me, it is an opportunity to quietly explore the more family friendly trails. This fall morning there were two nice sized bears in the campground and only one other car.

The clouds opened up to glorious views of the mountain, glacier and the colors of a changing season.

Yellow Tree under Little Tahoma


Lake Louise in Black & White

A black & white panoramic view of Lake Louise.

Lake Louise

From left to right are Fairview Mountain, Mount Lefroy and the Victoria Glacier, Mount Victoria, the Plain of Six Glaciers, Popes Peak, Mount Whyte and the Devils Thumb. The setting moon is just over the left shoulder of Fairview. You can see more details by clicking on the picture.