Unicorn Creek and Martha Falls

Unicorn Creek and Martha Falls are located east of Paradise and Reflection Lake in Mount Rainier National Park. It is easily viewed from across Stevens Canyon on SR 706.

Lower section of Martha Falls

It descends from Snow Lake into Stevens Creek. According to Bryan Swan’s excellent website (Northwest Waterfall Survey), the entire drop from Snow Lake is approximately 665 feet.

Unicorn Creek Descends from Snow Lake

It descends in a series of cascading falls.

Unicorn Creek Middle Section

The Falls are an excellent opportunity for photography.

Martha Falls at Sunset


Waiting for the reflection

Last week I went out to check the melt at Reflection Lake in Mount Rainier National Park. The thaw is in progress. A few more weeks until the mass of visitors to the park will capture the mountain reflection in the lake.

Reflection Lake Thaw

Here is the black and white version. I like it better since the 5-shot vertical panorama above was taken during mid-day with harsh light.

Reflection Lake